TIPP-KICK Cup with bag

The biggest TIPP-KICK game with a large pitch and mesh goals

59,90 €*

TIPP-KICK Cup with bag
The biggest TIPP-KICK game with a large pitch and mesh goals
59,90 €*
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With the largest pitch, ultra-precise metal figurines and hand-sewn mesh goals, it’s like playing in the TIPP-KICK professional league. TIPP-KICK Cup offers players plenty of space to shoot goals from the best positions. The precision of the top kickers ensures outstanding action on offence, while the mobility of the star keepers makes for a strong defence. Nothing stands in the way of an open confrontation. Excitement on the green felt is guaranteed. . Summary: TIPP-KICK Cup – the highlight of the line of games!

How to play TIPP-KICK

TIPP-KICK is a classic among football table games. The field players, two conveniently sized figures made of zinc, each have a hanging, moveable leg that can kick a twelve-sided, black/white ball at the press of a button by means of a lever mechanism. In TIPP-KICK Cup, the colour of the uppermost side of the ball determines which player gets to shoot next. The goalkeepers, which can move left and right, try to prevent their opponents from shooting a goal.

This unique football game challenges you in every area

As a coach you determine the strategy, as a playmaker you create opportunities for yourself, and as an aggressive striker you take the offensive in the big TIPP-KICK Cup! On defence you stand fast in the goal and fish the ball out of the corner when needed.


  • 2 top kickers made of metal with additional weight on the base and pointed foot for precision lifting
  • 2 highly manoeuvrable star goalkeepers that also move forward
  • 2 textile mesh goals
  • 2 black/white TIPP-KICK balls
  • 1 felt pitch measuring 103 cm x 71.5 cm (from line to line: 91 cm x 60 cm) interlocking bordering and perimeter advertising
  • 1 rulebook

Included FREE OF CHARGE: The exclusive TIPP-KICK sport bag for carrying the game.

Warning! Not suitable for children under 3 years of age.  Choking hazard. Small parts.

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