The TIPP-KICK classic

On to the new season, play the Bundesliga.

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TIPP-KICK players, football cups and more

TIPP-KICK fascinates

Whether you’re young or old – TIPP-KICK is fun for everyone.


TIPP-KICK players, football cups and more

“The ball flies, tips over twice and ends up lying by number 16. White’s lying on top! I get my kicker ready – the wall of my opponents has left a gap in the bottom corner of the goal. So, a short distance between my kicker and the ball. I go for a direct shot. A hard push on the red button, The goalkeeper’s too slow getting down there
– Goooooooooooooal!”

TIPP-KICK® has been drawing people in since it was invented in 1924. This well known brand, with the red button on the figures and the distinctive corners, from the company Mieg, the small family company from the Black Forest.